Thursday, January 06, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award....

'Stylish Blogger Award' My  amazing Upline Sabriena just awarded me a Stylish Blogger award..:) I've never had one so this is kinda fun.. Thanks Sabriena!!! To participate I need to :
- Thank and acknowledge the “giver”
- Share 8 things about myself
- Pay the award forward to 8 fellow stylish bloggers
- Contact my fellow bloggers and let them know of their award

Now for eight things about me...
1. Been Married for 23 Years!
2.Love making Crafts
3.Wish I was working in Reno industry with all the stuff I have done in my house :) :)
4.Trying to get back into my walking/running regime but have been sick.. hoping 2011 brings more weight loss.
5. LOVE Twilight and all the books ...
6. Have 2 great kids !! 19 yr and 6 yr..
7. Like listening to my sons music no not the 6 yr olds (he doesn't like to sing or listen to kids stuff)
8.Bought a tent trailer and hoping to do alot of camping this year  .Let me know of any places in BC to go to..

And to pay it forward to eight stylish bloggers in no particular order...I tried to put in the Blogs I go and look at the most.. but there are so many I love so here it goes...

1.Sabriena Satchwell  ( lol had to send it back to you ) ..
2.Paper Pleasing Ideas
3.Taste of Beirut
4.Dreamscape Studio
5.North Shore Stamper
6.Diane Selkirk ( a friend from school ) Writer,sailor,blogger!)
7.Carrie Gaskin
8.Brown Paper Packages Love this Blog!!!


Sue said...

Wow Tina thanks! I will get on this and answer my questions. Your blog looks awesome too - lots of new! Really looks good. Thanks again and hugs to you<3

Sabriena Satchwell An Independent Stampin' Up!® Demonstrator said...

Feel free to visit my house anytime you want to complete any of my half started renos ;-)