Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Best website for Food!!!
This is the website I go to and check out the many recipes I make for my husband!! I love her recipes and her pictures are amazing!!! I dare you to  make something from here and not like it!!! Joumana you rock!!!!
 This is my favorite dessert... My hubby brought some back for me and my father inlaw always jokes that he is going to get me some.. .I love you Dad!!
(This is from Joumanas website
Knefeh is our national cheesecake; it is eaten in Lebanon for breakfast as well as dessert. Like all pastries, it does not contain eggs; made of  a cheese  similar to mozzarella and a semolina and butter crust. It is sweetened by dousing syrup on it after it comes out from the oven, piping hot. It is served with a sesame  bread, kaak.

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